There have been 3 Punishers in our time that have attempted to play the part soon four! But the character has not been perfected yet. Tom Jane was a great Punisher unfortunately the script and the rest of the cast was weak as hell. But we still feel the need to toast this great Marvel character with his own drink!

The Punisher is not a person to mess with. He will put a hurting on anyone. And same can be said for his drink! The War Zone is just that if not made correctly or drank correctly! UNLESS you want to just rampage!

2 oz Bullet Rye
4 oz Ginger Beer
Ice Tea

Take equal parts Lemonade and Ice Tea and put into ice cube trays. Rim your glass with Pepper. Then add in your Bullet Rye add your Ice cubes and then finally top with Ginger Beer.

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