This week on “Murtagh (Duncan Lacroix) Hates France”, I mean Outlander….Sorry, that’s what I’m calling the first two episodes of STARZ’s second season of Outlander.  I mean really, aside from the lush sets, costumes, and language, the cast really brings this sophomore season to life.

S2E2 ‘Not In Scotland Anymore’ opens  Jamie, Claire, and Murtagh living in France for awhile now, life beginning to take on a brand new rhythm for everyone.  Jamie has taken over the everyday running of his cousin Jared’s wine emporium, Claire struggles to find her purpose, and Murtagh…..well, he does his best to keep his sword form.  You can see how in this clip.

But the true highlight and hero of this episode (and let’s be honest, this SEASON) is Terry Dresbach and her costume department.  The team has absolutely outdone themselves in creating both a recognizable to the period style as well incorporating the original decade of Claire’s origin in her season 2 Parisian garments.  This ensemble of Claire’s is the main example, and then I’ll add a gallery for you to see what you’re missing:


I mean just LOOK at this fabulous goddamn jacket and hat, LOOK at them Sassenachs!!  The jacket is pure Dior 1940s, but easily fits in with the faringgales and stays of 1744 France. This is hands down my favorite garment on the show to date. The melding of Claire’s original time with her current surroundings is perfectly shown in this silk number. It fits in the Parisian world, oddly enough, when you see her in it walking, it doesn’t seem out of place at all. So in keeping with the story and paired with the wonderful piece of score for the tone, it’s perfect.

But many of you are here for the showstopper, right?  The Sang du Christ dress, namely:

The political intrigue continues, with Jamie and Claire securing an invite to attend his Majesty King Louis of France at Versailles, courtesy of one Louise du Rohan after the waxing.  No, that isn’t a euphemism.  In a scene directly from the book, Louise has her personal attendant remove her unwanted body hair via waxing, in a most humorous scene while the monkey looks on.  Also, Louis’ mistress in the breast baring dress COMPLETE WITH THE SWANS, YOU GUYS.


Friendships are made, Claire meets Master Raymond (another brilliant casting choice, btw) and after Jamie throws the finance minister in the river, the game of Chess heals all wounds.  Old enemies return, but maybe not the ones you think.  Or, I guess EXACTLY the ones you think, but not in the same way they do in the book.

I have to say, out of all the adaptations I watch and review, Outlander remains my favorite.  The changes make SENSE, they don’t completely ignore the source material, every change and deviance is for a reason that we SEE, and not just because the writers ‘can’.  This is starting out to be one of the best second seasons of the television series in a long while, I cannot wait to see where it goes.

Want to know more about season 2? Check out this super awesome Outlander panel from NYC with Ron, Terry, Merrill, Sam, Cait, Tobias, Bear, and production designer Gary Steele:

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