Today on “Ellen,” Robert Downey Jr. aka the world’s Iron Man confirmed that “Iron Man 4” is in FACT in the works! Ellen pressed him for an answer on whether there will be an Iron man for he responded with

“Okay, yes”

However he did not confirm if he will in fact be the star of it.

When asked about his possible future continuing the role of Tony Stark, he noted that it’s “all being talked about on a bunch of different levels right now.”

“To me, it comes down to what’s the half-life of people enjoying a character? It’s different on TV, where you expect the longevity over seasons while movies get a two- or three-year break,” Downey Jr. said in early October. “Marvel keeps stepping up its game, and I appreciate the way Kevin Feige and all the creatives there think. They are as in the creative wheelhouse as any great studio has been at any point. So it becomes a matter of, at what point do I cease to be an asset to what they’re doing, and at what point do I feel I am spending so much time either shooting or promoting these films that I’m not actually able to get off the beachhead and do the kind of other stuff that is good for all of us. Each one of those movies is spread over two years and some people fit other things in.”

Robert Downey Jr. himself stated back in September that there are no plans for “Iron Man 4”. It does however makes sense for Marvel Studios and Disney to continue the franchise from a financial standpoint that “Iron Man 3” earned $1.2 billion worldwide (the fifth highest-grossing film of all time) and the “Iron Man” franchise as a whole has earned $2.4 billion in worldwide box office gross.

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