As of right now, the rumor mills are spinning all over with the massive success of who or what will be in the next installment of Superman. It seems to already be confirmed that we will be getting a Superman 2 before we see a Justice League movie… Thank God!

BUT the big talk revolves around who the villains will be. The current rumor right now is that Lex Luthor will have some influence in the next movie and they are suggesting Mark Strong to play him.
HOWEVER all fan boys know that this is currently bullshit as its WAY too early to say this is one way or another.

Though I must say he would be total badass as Lex. And if other rumors are true in regard to them fully rebooting Green Lantern, then his role as Sinestro will not be reprised anyways.

So let us know what you currently think of this craziness!

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