The latest pictures that have come from Dawn, the spacecraft currently orbiting the dwarf planet Ceres, have produced some intriguing images that suggest that space/the origin of the universe combined with our imaginations are awesome..or aliens.


The dwarf planet of Ceres was discovered in 1801 between Mars and Jupiter as one of the first objects found located along the solar system’s asteroid belt. Originally defined as a planet because of its round shape, it was later demoted to asteroid and reclassified in 2006 as a dwarf planet when the term was established.

In an effort to further explore this strange little mini-planet, NASA launched a tractor-sized spacecraft in February named Dawn which became the first probe to orbit a dwarf planet to take pictures to further our understanding of dwarf planets.

When the probe was first began its orbit around Ceres in March, NASA found themselves staring at two bright and unexplained sources of light. When compared to photos taken of Las Vegas at night, the photo was brighter than the light given off by the brightest city viewed from space.

To their credit, NASA did not automatically assume aliens were having an epic rave. Last year, the European Space Agency’s telescope, Herschel, detected water vapor around the wars in which the photos were taken. Scientists attribute the lights ice or salt which could have caused the puzzling images. These materials would be highly reflective and reinforces Herschel’s observation. Excitement and pictures of this have since teetered off when Dawn entered into the dark side of Ceres’ orbit..until this recent batch of photos sent back June 14.

image image

Ceres continues to stir our imaginations in an universe pot filled with strange phenomenons as Dawn given us a new mystery to obsess over..the appearance of a 3-mile high structure with a pointy tip aka a pyramid. Theories of what could be responsible go from Reptilian takeover to a really, really tall mountain. While it is probably the more practical of responses, this mountainous structure appears on a surface that is relatively flat, and brings up questions that range from extraterrestrials to the discovery of new insights into how planets are formed….

For all of our #itsaliens advocators, pictures of Ceres will get even better as Dawn moves closer to the dwarf planet, reaching its end distance of just over 200 miles from the surface in December.

giphy (1)

Between all the rockin’ and twinkly images from Dawn, we can either assume our alien overlords throw one hell of a party or it’s a buttload of ice..where Elsa decided to build her vacation home off-planet.

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