The International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology has recently accepted a paper that is comprised entirely of seven words: “Get me off your f$#%ing mail list” AND included a review that deemed the piece..”EXCELLENT.”

This is why you never trust fancy names and always find at least three creditable sources.

Despite its rather official title, this “journal” is an open-access publication that constantly spams scientists in an attempt to get the said scientists to pay a bunch of money to be published in their journal. When Austrian scientist, Peter Vamplew, submitted this joke paper to the journal, he had hoped that the editors would actually read it and take the article to heart by actually REMOVING HIM FROM THEIR FUCKING MAILING LIST. Vamplew was terribly wrong and instead received an email requesting $150 to publish this “excellent” article. Also..VAMPLEW DID NOT WRITE THE ARTICLE which shows just how attentive these predatory journals are.

Initially, David Mazières and Eddie Kohler had created this ten page paper in 2005 as a response to unwanted solicitors who wished for them to attend some conference or another. The paper made its rounds around the scientific community and was eventually submitted to the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology by Vamplew.

They even included some excellent flow charts and graphs to demonstrate their point clearly.

Screen_Shot_2014-11-21_at_9.53.24_AM.0Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.45.05 PM

This is not the first case (nor probably the last) that these blatant errors have been made in the name of scientific experimentation and humor. John Bohannon, in cooperation with Science, submitted a flawed paper to 304 less than scholarly journals to have over half of them accepting his article for publication. A scientist by the name of Stronzo Bestiale has been published since 1987 and cited as a source in many other publications..actually does not exist.

His name literally means “total asshole”

An article published in Ethology passed through editors and fellow reviewers still included this:

Note that no one noticed this little gem for four months.

Aside from the fact that this is indeed, FUCKING HILARIOUS, it also demonstrates fallacies in the open access system between how easy it is to have an article published with the right amount of money and just how overworked these reviewers are to allow such blatant errors into the published scientific community.

There are plenty of other predatory journals out there as well who target younger scientists who are constantly under pressure to be published in semi-legitimate sources. Mind you, many of these “journals” are not credible because they do not peer-review before publishing however, these errors are not exclusive to them such as in Ethology and their overworked reviewers.

We cannot even begin to get into just how terrible it is that this journal allowed someone else to publish an article that was not under their name.

As always, CHECK YOUR SOURCES!!! Do not be that guy who has to apologize to Gabor, she was really offended.

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