5:46pm – This is when we would get Marvel films, so this better blow us away… they have huge shoes to fill. Chris Hardwick mentioned staying till the end… hmmmm… I wonder what that is.

5:48pm – Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials trailer. I didn’t even finish watching the last film but I have to say, the sequel looks much better from the trailer.

6:01pm – New footage: Two characters are walking through an underground tunnel with graffiti on the walls. There’s some red/black stuff on the walls, looks like roots. A rat comes out of a tunnel and gets eaten by what looks like a version of the vampires from the I Am Legend film. With roots growing out of them.

6:05pm – Victor Frankenstein trailer is next! Oh that looks fun, and tongue in cheek. There was a reference to Young Frankenstein where Victor corrects the pronounciation from frank-en-shteen to frank-en-stine. Has a bit of a Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes kind of feel.

By the way, Doctor Frankenstein is played by James McAvoy and Igor by Daniel Radcliffe.

6:20pm – Footage: Victor and Igor moving a corpse under a sheet. They’ve revealed a monkey creature made of different body parts and bring it alive. It runs away and Igor gets attacked. Cut to black.

6:24pm – Fantastic Four is next. I’ve liked the trailers so far, even though I really don’t like what their version of Doctor Doom looks like.

6:35pm – The origin story for Fantastic Four is more of a prequel to the team. They showed the final trailer which should be available momentarily.

6:39pm – Special Announcement: It started with “In a world…” and then Deadpool! Quick clip of Deadpool introducing Ryan Reynolds, he tried to smoke a pipe and it fell out. Cuz he’s wearing a mask.

6:48pm – Reynolds: “I’ve only done one proper supe… sorry, I’ve only done one other superhero movie.” Oh, you’re hilarious Ryan!

6:56pm – Deadpool will break the fourth wall and speak to the audience!

6:58pm – Footage! Shows the cancer… Government recruits Wade Wilson saying “what if I told you we can make you better, youre a fighter, make you a superhero”. Wilson asks for one thing about the suit “Don’t make the super suit green. or animated”. They did the live-action verision of the Deadpool test scene! Colossus! Weasel’s description of Wade Wilson sans mask you look like freddy krueger fucked a topigraphical map of Utah. In stead of blowing out the smoke from his guns, he breathes it in and says “I’m touching myself tonight.”

7:03pm – Standing ovation and a replay!

7:07pm – X-Men: Apocalypse is next! Retrospective on the X-Men franchise… strange… no footage from X-Men: Last Stand… wonder why… *whistles*

7:11pm – Commenting on how young he looked, Hugh Jackman had only one thing to say “Old Man Logan” and confirmed it will be his last film.

7:16pm – The entire cast of X-Men Apocalypse is being brought out now… all 14 of them… Christ what a large cast.

7:19pm – Alternate world where Mutants have been accepted in 1983.

7:20pm – unfinished footage! Jean Grey saw the end of the world. professor x says it was a dream. Apocalypse: “You are lost because you fallow blind leaders”. Holy FUCK Apocalypse looks amazing! True to the comics! Random shots of action which look amazing. Professor X: “he can control all of us”. Ends on James McAvoy without his hair sitting in the iconic professor X wheel chair.

7:27pm – Oscar Isaac explains Apocalypse as “God wakes up and feels that the world isn’t as it should be”.

7:40pm – They’re bringing out all the actors of Deadpool, Fantastic Four and X-Men for the picture of the largest

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