2:45pm – Thomas Toll is on stage! Chris Hardwick is also moderating this panel.

2:47pm – We’re seeing three different movies today– Guillermo del Toro has been brought on stage! He wanted to make a classic gothic romance with a few gender related twists so the main character is not a damsel in distress. And he wanted it to be scary and gorgeous.

2:51pm – Here’s the trailer! Starts out with the house exterior, then the interior. “Where I come from, ghosts are not to be taken lightly.” A lot of familiar shots but some new ones as well. Some new shots of the creatures which look fantastic! Crimson Peak will have an experience at Halloween horror night at Universal Studios.

One of the creatures I can only describe as an ghost covered in a splash of blood, crooked teeth and screaming… fairly disturbing! I approve!

3:07pm – Guillermo del Toro felt this was the first time he was able to make an adult english language film.

3:09pm – Krampus is next… Hardwick described it as an 80’s Ablin film. If you don’t know what Krampus is, just do a google image search (he’s evil Santa Klaus, basically). I have no opinion on the film yet… let’s see the trailer.

3:14pm – It actually has a bit of a Poltergeist, Goonies, Gremlins feel.

3:17pm – Weta did the practical effects, the creatures are puppets. All we saw in the film of Krampus is a hoof and a hand and it looks like Krampus is going to be like 10 feet tall.

3:23pm – Warcraft is next! Here comes director Duncan Jones! Each actor is brought out featuring footage of their character on the screen, it’s beautiful and high fantasy in a way that’s never done at this budget level. Usually it’s a low budget film or they try to make a realistic high budget fantasy… this looks EXACTLY like Warcraft.

3:40pm – Here’s the trailer for Warcraft! I haven’t played the game so this may sound weird. Opens on a mountainous desert with a green light above one mountain. The orcs are traveling in a huge horde. A giant wodden gate is opened. Their planet is dying and they need to find a new one. The horde approaches a giant green magic doorway thats opened by an orc mage using the souls of prisoners. The horde runs through. The travelling looks like they’re in water. Legendary pictures presents. The shots get quicker and we’re introduced to elves, dwarves, and enormous cities. Loads of magic being used by human mages that looks like lightning. Enormous armies of Humans and Orcs clashing and one Alliance warrior jumps off a cliff onto the back of a giant eagle. June 2016.

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