10:45am – And so it begins! They just played an extended trailer for Man from U.N.C.L.E. and it looks like Guy Ritchie wanted to create his version of a Roger Moore James Bond film. It looks fantastic!

11:06am – Time for Pan, the Peter Pan prequel. Barely anything was shown other than the Jolly Roger flying through the London sky being attacked by (I think) spitfire fighters. Apparently they built Neverland in a giant giant studio.

11:13am – Just previewed the trailer for Pan, it actually looks like a great kid film. Not my cup of tea but it looks like a lot of fun.

11:24am – What we’ve been waiting for, the Batman V Superman panel


11:29am – Suicide Squad: David Ayer has taken the stage saying “it’s all about canon all about being true to the source material.”

11:30am – Footage! Showed the trailer for it and it was amazingly dark! Margot Robbie is doing arieal

11:39am – Finally, we’ve gotten to the main event: Batman V Superman. Zack Snyder has taken the stage.

11:41am – Trailer time! Superman shows up to a government committee who holds him responsible. Bruce Wayne was in Metropolis during Man of Steel saving a little girl. Clark Kent is doing a piece on Batman which Perry White doesn’t want. Bruce Wayne says “He has the power to wipe out the human race and I have to destroy him”. Alfred responds with “he is not our enemy”. Was that Zod in a body bag? Lex Luthor has Kryptonite! The brief fight shots look really good with a quick shot of Batman narrowly being heat visioned by using his grappling hook.

11:56am – Ben Affleck was given one bit of advice from Christian Bale… make sure you can piss in the suit.

11:58am – The Batman mech suit is just armor, doesn’t enhance strength.

12:00pm – Metropolis and Gotham are sister cities. The former is wealthy while the latter is downtrodden. There’s a ferry that takes workers across… it’s one of the liberties they took with the film.

Keep refreshing for more!

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