As a kid, Independence Day was one of those movies that just impressed the hell out of me, because of the sheer spectacle of it. Sure we may have become pretty jaded in the years that have followed. Hell, we may even mock big budget “Disaster” films of a similar ilk and then write them off as “Michael Bay Explosion-fests”. However, Independence Day was something different. I still say that everything in that movie, up until after the first wave of alien attacks conclude, holds up to this day.

Forget about the cheesiness of most of the acting. Forget that Judd Hirsch played arguably the most stereotypical caricature of a Jewish man in the history of film. Forget that now Randy Quaid is literally just as fucking crazy as the character he played. Just for one minute forget the various plot holes and contrivances and just simply remember the awe inspiring feeling of those massive ships emerging out of the clouds. That is what will be putting my butt in the seat for Independence Day: Resurgence.

A few Independence Day’s ago, the gang at Secret of the Booze released a tasty little shot based on a fan request. We thought that since it was called the “Alien Brain Hemorrhage,” the fourth of July holiday would be the perfect time of year to fulfill this request. After all, when I hear Independence Day, my brain automatically goes to aliens before it goes to BBQ, fireworks, and, oh yea, the freedom of my country; how could I forget!? If you are looking for a drink that “won’t go quietly into the night,” then the “Alien Brain Hemorrhage” is for you.

1/2 shot Baileys
1/2 shot Peach Schnapps
Splash of Blue Curacao
Splash of Grenadine

Grab yourself a shot glass and fill it about half way with Peach Schnapps. Next, layer Bailey’s Irish Cream over the Schnapps, leaving enough room for the next two splashes. Add a splash of Grenadine; you will want to aim for the Middle to pull the Bailey’s down into the shot nicely. Repeat the same with a splash of Blue Curacao.

Check out a video of SOTB’s own Garry making a tasty “Alien Brain Hemorrhage!” As always, please drink Aggressively!

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