Oroku Saki; the mighty leader of the Foot Clan, is perhaps the greatest adversary the TMNT have ever faced. His armor, adorned with lethal blades, earned him his deadly alias, The Shredder!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator, Kevin Eastman got the idea for The Shredder’s armor when looking at a large cheese grater. It is funny to think that a cooking utensil, used the grate mozzarella for pizzas, was actually the inspiration for the TMNT’s nemesis.    The fans of the TMNT truly hold Oroku Saki in such high esteem, because of the role he played in the pop culture phenomenon that was the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series. However were you aware that the character was never meant to have such a key role?

In a quote from Peter Laird, the TMNT’s other co-creator, never perceived the Shredder to be the Turtles’ main antagonist. “In truth, though many TMNT fans who became fans via the first animated series see Shredder as a REALLY important part of an ongoing, long-running battle with the Turtles, I don’t think Kevin or I ever did. Yes, he was an important part of their history, and they probably would not have come into existence without his involvement in their world (or more accurately Splinter’s world)… but that’s about it. Other than bringing Shredder back for “Return to New York” (and the few issues preceding that set that arc up), I never missed him in any of the other TMNT books I worked on.”

Regardless of Laird’s flippant feelings over the character, TMNT fan’s adoration for the leader of the Foot, has led the character to torment the Turtles through three animated series, four movies, and then some. You know what that means folks? The guy deserves his own drink! That is why the Secret of the Booze team put together a little drink called “The Oroku Saki-Bomb”. This is a very uncomplicated, but delicious variation of the traditional sake-bomb using all Japanese ingredients, celebrating the Shredder’s rich heritage.


1/2 Glass Kirin Ichiban Beer
1 Shot Sake (Preferably Gekkeikan Black and Gold)

Fill Pint Glass half way with Kirin Ichiban. Fill Shot Glass with Sake. Drop Shot into glass and enjoy. Sweet, simple, done; pairs nicely with a nice bowl of turtle soup.

Watch us make it in the video below!


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