First created in 1963 and appearing in X-Men #1 , Magneto, the “Master of Magnetism” has gone by many names in his life. Max Eisenhardt, Magnus, and Erik Lehnsherr to name a few. No matter the alias, one thing has always been consistent about Magneto. Regardless of how misguided his methods and ideals may be at times, Magneto has always fought for the good of all Mutant-Kind. His aggressive outlook on civil rights in general was formed at an early age after being held captive, along with his family, in a Nazi concentration camp. Having survived the Holocaust, he met and befriended Charles Xavier as a young man. That friendship was fractured when it became obvious that both had very different ideals when it came to Mutant-Kind’s role amongst humanity. Magneto has always been such a multifaceted character, that it is a disservice to label him solely as a villain. While he has perpetrated many crimes as the founder of the Brotherhood, he has fought side by side with the X-Men and redeemed himself on more than one occasion. However he will always remain a pillar of mutant strength, and he will not bow or break for mankind.

Secret of the Booze salutes the “Master of Magnetism” the only way they now how, with his very own alcoholic beverage! Here is the recipe and the instructions on how to make a “Magneto” of your very own!

2 oz Blended Scotch
– 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
– Splash of Manischewitz

Pour your sweet vermouth and scotch into a mixing vessel along with some ice. Give it a good stir and then strain the drink into a rocks glass. For both clever presentation and functionality add a metallic chiller ball. This will keep your drink cold and magnetic. Lastly, top with some Manischewitz in honor of Magneto’s Jewish heritage.

Check out the video below of Secret of the Booze’s own Gary and Rich mixing up a nice “Magneto” of their own! This actually happens to be Rich’s favorite drink that they ever came up with and you will certainly be able to tell from his hilariously unscripted reaction. Enjoy folks, oh yes and remember to please drink aggressively! Cheers Tossers!


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