[2:59pm] – Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are brought out.

[3:04pm] – We got a good look at part of the opening scene, reintroducing Marv. He’s in a car accident but has no clue how he got there so he takes his medicine. He pieces together his Saturday night which includes starting off with watching Nancy dance and then beating killing a few frat boys who are having a good time setting the poor on fire. Some of them run and he chases them– all done in that fantastic style we know and love from the original Sin City.

[3:20pm] – Josh Brolin and Mickey Rourke had several scenes together but were filmed a month apart on the greenscreen. Poor Brolin, he’s been wanting to work with Rourke for 20 years and when he finally does, Rourke wasn’t even there!

[3:26pm] – Rodriguez says that Jessica Alba set the tone for the set and was shot first. Rodriguez: “You were so in character, you set the bar. Even Mickey Rourke complimented your work and Mickey Rourke never compliments anyone”.

[3:34pm] – Q&A starts: first question is whether Frank Miller just got lucky with the directors adapting Sin City and 300. He did.

[3:44pm] – Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez are talking about Sin City 3.

[3:52pm] – New trailer time! Looks like this one is an exclusive Hall H trailer

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