Go to any blog about geek movies or comic books and you’ll be introduced to a rumor that Spider-Man is joining the MCU for Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1. Yeah, we’ve heard similar rumors before late last year and then we learned (via the Sony hack) that a meeting between Marvel and Sony actually did take place with the hopes of bringing him onto Captain America: Civil War. Those talks died along with every Marvel geek’s hopes and dreams.

The Aggressive Comix grain of salt
The Aggressive Comix grain of salt

Today those rumors resurfaced with Latino Review saying that not only had talks restarted but a deal was struck to include Spider-Man in Infinity War – Part 1. If you don’t know, Latino Review has a habit of reporting all the unsubstantiated rumors and among them there are gems and kernels of truth so we here at Aggressive Comix took the rumor with a giant grain of salt.

Comic Book Resources reached out to Sony and they responded by calling it an “old rumor” and that it has “no validity whatsoever”. The optimist in you may be saying “well, maybe they’re lying” but they could have done what Marvel has done for years and just shrugged their shoulders.

Yes, they could be lying but my cynical heart says that we won’t get Spidey in a Marvel Cinematic Universe film for the foreseeable future. As far as I’m concerned, the article was click-bait, through and through.

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