What person did not grow up loving to play with fire? I mean besides Aquaman. It’s in our primal nature to build fires. One thing that make concerts and shows more thrilling is fire, am I right? But shooting 20 foot flames in your leaving room or back yard wouldn’t be a good thing to do…it would be cool though.

Well for all you music and fire lovers the Sound Torch could be a pretty good alternative.  The Sound Torch is a Blue-tooth enabled speaker that visualizes the music through a built-in pyro board that sits on the top.  The pyro board is a gas powered system that routes fuel through a series of tubes and small holes.

There is couple of designs to choose from: a cube, a 3-D triangle, and a polyhedron with gas jets. As far as safety features, there are knockdown shut offs, safety net to keep flames in check. It will also shut off if there is no signal, also a high temp shut off function. It also comes with glass protection that goes around the live flames.

Sound Tourch

If you can’t wait for a Sound Torch there many DIY projects out there to make your own Pyro Board . (Note: We are not liable for any accidents that may occur if you attempt to make your own)

Fire and Music? I too like to live dangerously, so check out their Kick Starter they are offering a 45% discount on pre-orders and going for 199 USD.

Let’s hope you really don’t have your friends screaming,” The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire.”


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