SENYC_Logo_CLR_HighIt’s been about a decade since ReedPOP’s fist New York Comic Con and the show has grown. For those of us loyal to the convention, I’m sure we can all agree it’s grown too much. Especially in the last few years. 2014 and 2015, the show put up attendance numbers that could compete with  Comic-Con International: San Diego. Not to mention the fiasco to try and get tickets.

One of the big problems its that there’s nowhere to expand the convention. The Javits Center in New York needs some serious renovation in order to expand. It’s become the main issue for Lance Fensterman, Global Senior Vice President of ReedPOP. Their goal is to expand into more of New York City, with the square footage to spare.

“I really want to get New York Comic-Con all over the city. We’ve been chipping away at that, with some success. That’s the goal going forward then. We really want to take a big step forward in kind of growing outside of the Javits Center, because that’s the only place we can grow. But really taking that event much more city-wide is a big goal.”

To that end, ReedPOP will be re-focusing their efforts on the core NYCC experience this year, and will not be putting on their newer secondary show: Special Edition: NYC. Which has been held early summer for the last couple of years.  The show’s intent was to more focus on comic books and their artists but the content to produce that show ultimately has to go toward trying to make NYCC a city-wide event.

A recent proposal to expand Javits Center “seems quite viable” to Fensterman, but take a long time to complete and  would also cause problems for the convention during the construction phase.

New York Comic Con is set to happen during  October 6-9 this year with New York Super Week events starting October 3 and running through the convention weekend. Lets hope getting tickets this year won’t be like pulling teeth…again.

For more news on NYCC and SDCC, stay tuned.

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