Coming from the depths of the files exposed by the Sony hack is a series of emails found by Comic Book Movie highlighting the deals being negotiated between Sony and Marvel to help increase the web-slinger’s participation in the wider Marvel universe of films. It’s been fairly well known that Sony has been struggling to increase their profitability around the spider man franchise and it’d been rumored that they might be willing to release the character back to Marvel.

Well it seems that they’re not looking to release him entirely, but there’s an extensive series of character trades that would bring some pretty impressive opportunities for both studios if they handle it right.

The documents indicate:

If Spider-Man appears in Captain America: Civil War, Sony will co-finance 25% of the movie. Marvel then co-finances 25% of Spider-Man’s next solo film which is scheduled to be released in July 2017. The deal allows Sony to use TWO major Marvel characters and continue the plot from Civil War in regards to how it relates to Spider-Man. Spider-Man would also appear in Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 in 2018, with another Marvel produced Spider-Man movie following in July 2019.

Personally I think if written right, the existent cast avengers mixed in with the addition of Spider Man could be a great deal of fun, because really, the films are as much fun with the interaction of the characters as with the battles and purely superhero aspects. Personally, I just wish it was Toby still wearing the suit when the crossover finally happens.



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