With J. J. Abrams off in a galaxy, far, far away, self professed Trekkie Roberto Orci has taken the reins as director for Star Trek 3 after stepping down as executive producer on the upcoming Power Rangers movie set to be released in 2016. Orci, who had just finished the first screen writeup for the new Star Trek movie and has apparently included a scene in the film for William Shatner alongside Leonard Nimoy, in which Kirk and Spock will be reunited in canon since 1991 (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country).

This may actually be the last time we will see Shatner and Nimoy together in particular continuity…..

I find that remark….insulting

Nimoy, who has been an integral part of the new reboot of the franchise, will continue to reprise his role in Star Trek 3. Shatner has been vocal about making an appearance in the films, his cameo was dropped in  Star Trek ’09 and there was no place for him in Star Trek: Into Darkness. Let’s hope that this time around, Shatner agrees to the script and we all get the reunion all Star Trek fans have been fiending for!

I think this calls for a drink..the CAPTAIN KIRK to be exact..

Secret of the Booze made up this delicious, creamy number named after our favorite woman-lovin’ captain, and it definitely needs some revisiting!

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