According to Time magazine, the history of this day is long and varied, much like the fan base and canon built around the saga of the stars and their wars.  We may even have Margaret Thatcher to thank for this tradition because she was elected on May 4, 1979 — two years after Star Wars was released.  Entertainment Weekly reports that an ad in the London Evening News read, “May The Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations.”  Mostly, it’s just a day that sounds like Admiral Ackbar had a bit much to drink when wishing the fighters on the Mon Calamari Cruiser “May the Force be with you”.

But to celebrate, let’s take a moment to watch some of the best  Star Wars fan videos LucasFilm awarded with various prizes:

1.)  “Star Wars Retold”.  Star Wars told from the point of view of a girl who has never seen a single film.

2.) “Ig-88 The Dancing Robot”.  What REALLY goes on during the nights on an Imperial Star Destroyer.

3.)  “Star Wars According To A 3 Year Old”.  Really, this title says it all.

4.)  “Bantha Blue”.  A commercial for the best blue milk in the galaxy!

And just remember, tomorrow is REVENGE OF THE 5TH.

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