The makers of truly unique and beautiful shoes have come back with an amazing STAR WARS collection set to be released October 30th.

An European-based company, Irregular Choice has been dropping some pretty impressive previews that include C-3PO-inspired flats and two pairs of heels so electrifying, you have to wonder how you fought the Dark Side without them.

Take a look at these beauties and let yourself bask in their awesomeness!!

*short circuits*

It is as if life would not be worth living if these did not find their way onto my feet.


And thats not all! You know how sometimes you wonder why the little humans get cooler shoes that have awesome light up abilities? Well, Irregular Choice has solved this problem by providing brilliant shoes of epic proportions. I do not just mean how impossibly cute they are, these LIGHTUP lightsaber heels with sound effects included.


Our favorite astromech droid also makes an appearance in the form of these adorable heels with a killer pattern with a lace-y overlay!

irregular-choice5-625x625irregular-choice6-625x625These are definitely the droids you are looking for!!


In addition to these sneak peeks, Irregular Choice will be featuring design inspired by other popular characters such as Yoda, Stormtroopers, and everybody’s favorite father.

If you are anxiously awaiting their Halloween eve release of these shoes as we are at Aggressive, start saving! Expect to spend a good £120 or just shy of $140 for a pair of these wonderful shoes.

Deep breaths, it will help pass the pain your wallet is making. It will be worth it!

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