We’ve been trying to stay on top of the casting announcements for the upcoming CBS series Supergirl based on the long standing DC Comics heroine.

It looks like TVLine as the inside scoop on the newest names added to the cast, and one of them has ties to the Superman franchise.  Ok fine, the New Adventures of Lois & Clark wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of television, but it was fun.  Dean Cain, the man behind the suit on that series has been added in what Ausiello is calling “a top secret role” on the CBS Supergirl series.  Helen Slater has also been added to the tv series, which is awesome, because she played Supergirl in the 80’s movie!



Early reports last week said CBS was looking for an actor to don the red, blue, and gold for at least one scene in the pilot. Both these new names guest-starred on the WB/CW Superman drama Smallville, Slater in the role of Clark/Kal-El’s Krypton mom Lara, and Cain as the immortal Dr. Curtis Knox.



Who do you think the pair will be playing?  We know Slater won’t be Kara’s mother, that role has been given to Laura Benanti (Nashville).  We’ll let you know as more news becomes available.

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