Reading this review on Aggressive Comix should make you no stranger to the hate this film has gotten since the moment of it’s announcement as a Platinum Dunes Bay produced film. I’m pretty sure I was the only person here at AC that remained optimistic and even defended this film (despite having a little fun being part of the Ninja Turtles Interrogate Megan Fox video, and being Raphael in the Geekgasm turtle episodes). I defended Megan Fox, the look of the turtles, foot soldiers using guns… just about all of it. I’m a big Ninja Turtles fan and I also truely believed i would thoroughly enjoy this film.

Unfortunately the film dissapointed me (no surprise to everyone else). Though the film is not the travesty everyone makes it out to be, it was just an ok movie. I can look passed fanboy purism and see the film for what it is, a film I know I could’ve made better. Although the turtles stay true to who they are, I never felt too connected to them in this film. The film really made it feel like it was from April’s point of view, and because of this, it just felt jarring during the moments where the movie would focus on the turtles point of view, and their moments of emotion felt out of place from not enough character development to back it up. It all just felt hollow.

What happened to this much better design?

I did enjoy the “Bay” look to the film, and i have no problem with how the turtles looked. Shredder i’m ok with even though near the end I realised all that metal in his arms made him look like some kind of decepticon bird, also they could’ve made his voice sound a bit more intimidating. Splinter looked the worst. He not only looked ugly, but his CGI looked really fake and outdated.

The film is very short and feels that way too. Which makes me wonder, why all the deleted scenes? Megan Fox recently mentioned in an interview Baxter Stockman was in the film, yet I never heard his name mentioned. One of the first set photos showed Megan with Raphael in the trenchcoat and hat. I’ve seen more to the elevater scene in the tv spots, and I even heard of a krang hint at the end. They also took two scenes I saw in promos where they mention the turtles not being aliens, “that’s stupid”.

Why did they let the internet believe William Fitchner would play the shredder? Maybe if the film leads you to think it’s him, but then it surprises you at the end, then I would understand. Instead right off the bat they show you he’s not Shredder. So why add more to pre-hate about this film than necessary? Another thing that felt misleading was the turtle van (party wagon) which I hoped would make a big fun theatrical debut, but instead you only see it at the very end of the movie. I guess it promises more fun for the sequel? Unfortunately I don’t see the film making enough money to warrant one.

I really wanted this to be a film to shut the haters up, but just an ok movie wont. The movie was still entertaining, and Megan Fox’s acting isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. Unfortunately I feel I must watch this one more time in theaters due to douchebags in the seats behind me constantly talking throughout the film (despite hard looks and being called out on it constantly), which put me in a bad mood throughout the film.

I still cross my fingers I can eventually get Krang, a Technodrome, Bebop, and Rocksteady in a live action movie some day. Though it’s looking less likely a reality…

I give Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles a 7.5 out of 10

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