While Matt Reeves is still finalizing the cast for his upcoming “The Batman” film starring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader, some outlets are running wild with “casting updates.”

The two from today are….surprising.

Andy Serkis for Alfred Pennyworth.

Sure….that’s…..a choice. Variety says the actor/director is being looked at for the stately Wayne family butler and companion.

Colin Farrell for The Penguin.

According to Deadline, Farrell is “in-talks” for the role. Friendly reminder to our fellow media reporters out there, “in-talks” DOES NOT MEAN a done deal.

So far, Warner Bros. Pictures hasn’t commented on either of these names.

We do know that Zoe Kravitz will be playing Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, Paul Dano will be Edward Nigma / The Riddler, and Jeffrey Wright will be Commissioner Jim Gordon.

At present, “The Batman” has an official release date of June 25th, 2021 from Warner Bros. Pictures, and we’ll of course let you know what else we hear about the film, and additional casting information as it comes.

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