Originally, Bryan Singer was going to be presenting something from X-Men: Days of Future Past during the convention that took place this past weekend in Anaheim, but due to the amount of legal cannon fodder, both he and 20th Century Fox thought it best if he sat this junket out, much to my dismay as I HAD A 2 ON ONE INTERVIEW WITH HIM SCHEDULED.  But, I will also say I heard more support for Singer mentioned during the weekend than I expected, from professionals who work with and know Bryan, making MY PERSONAL feelings on this subject more cemented in the “Egan’s an idiot” category.

The thing to keep in mind here is that the majority of ‘trailers’ and ‘vids’ shown at WonderCon 2014 were already screened at other events earlier this year.  There really wasn’t anything new, other than How To Train Your Dragon 2 showing the first hour of their film in Downtown Disney on Saturday night the same time the official Masquerade costume contest was taking place.

But what we DID get 20 minutes of footage from upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, a reboot sequel I’m really excited for.  I was pleasantly surprised with the James Franco-fronted 2011 film, it hit all the notes it needed to, and left the door wide open for the sequel to go wherever it wanted to go.   (I do have to fangirl for a minute because the pressrooms featured Andy Serkis, Kerri Russell, and GARY OLDMAN.)

Myself as Rogue interviewing Gary Oldman.
Myself as Rogue interviewing Gary Oldman.

This is the basic gist of what was shown courtesy of IGN.

20th Century Fox also had actors from their upcoming releases The Maze Runner, Edge of Tomorrow, and Into The Storm present to discuss the films.

Now the Godzilla trailer.  I will say I didn’t get to see it myself, because I was backstage in the area shooting the Masquerade when it showed.  The REACTIONS however of the audience where the loudest thing I heard during the weekend, and lemme tell you, the Hilton was probably louder per square inch than DragonCon, and that’s no small fete.  The clip Legendary Pictures showed of our favorite atomic reptile featured a tsunami created by the beast, causing destruction and confusion.  Introduced by director Gareth Edwards, it showed a mesmerizing in-your-face tsunami scene that floods a tropical city, in addition to Godzilla battling a three-legged moth monster at an airport. The crowd stamped their feet. “I thought it was going to be the easiest thing in the world — designing Godzilla, but everyone has an opinion,” said Edwards. “But designing Godzilla was the hardest thing in the world, because everyone has an opinion”.  Hopefully, it’ll get re-leaked online and I’ll be able to share it with you.   

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