By now everyone knows we love Ghostbusters from when we were little kids here we ate that stuff up. We had the tools we had the power at least as a little kid we felt like we did with our plastic proton packs strapped to our backs as we ran around the house shooting at “ghosts” aka my older sister.

Well Zim Animation, the fellow who re-created the TMNT opening animatic has now re-created the Ghostbusters opening animatic. You can see the video below and I have to say it looks great. Really makes me miss the old cartoon!

In addition to the old cartoon I really still to this day miss Ecto Cooler. Juicy Juice has come pretty damn close with its Orange Tangerine juice but still something is a hair off. If you want to see our version of Ecto Cooler take a look at the video below.

And if you miss more than Ecto Cooler you might miss some of these old school beverages from back in the day. Take a look at this episode of our show Geekgasm.

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