Ok so this speculative rumor is kind of creepily timed with a fan submitted image. Last night Kode Subject sent the Aggressive Comix family this image. Saying “Hey guys thought you would like this, i heard about the rumors of The Rock playing Green Lantern so i wanted to see what it would look like Via https://www.facebook.com/BossLogicInc ”


Then we were reading that on December 31st The Rock. Tweeted that that he actually had a meeting with the Warner Brothers CEO.


This of coarse brought about rumor after rumor of what could the most electrifying man in sport entertainment be playing? (Yes I was a wrestling geek when I was younger too…) But yesterday ThinkMcFlyThink‘s Peter Georgiou tweeted the following:


So obviously this is nothing more than just stipulation and rumors of the highest level.  But that was followed by The Rock commenting:

tweet 2

Now any normal man knows this means absolutely nothing… But at the same time does it? Only time will tell. Knowing Warner Brothers though its likely that the Green Lantern if put into the Superman 2/Superman vs Batman/We also have Wonder Woman/Do you think we are rushing things The Movie will actually be played by someone else.  Me personally if we are going the John Stewart route I would prefer Idris Elba but The Rock would be badass too. (I more just want to hear Idris Elba scream how he is canceling the apocalypse just one more time.)



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