SponebobThis movie dropped on BluRay about a month ago and somehow slipped under my radar. At first I couldn’t bring myself to take time out of my day to sit and watch a “kids” movie. But once I did I found it was much more than that. It was a fun and ridiculous adventure that includes time travel, the beach, Antonio Banderas as a pirate and a rapping dolphin. The crew go on a mission to reclaim the holy grail of Bikini Bottom: The CRABBY PATTY.

The film started off a bit slow but, I particularly enjoyed the sequences on the beach. It integrated scenes with traditional animation and transitioned smoothly into them coming over to our world. ¬†The “super-hero” versions of themselves each had a particular “super power” that suits their personality and interests. This is the type of film that kids will want to watch over and over but adults can find just as much enjoyment. N.E.R.D. produced the main song for the movie called “Squeeze Me” and I dare you to listen to it and NOT get it stuck in your head. Overall this film really stayed true to its roots in the show but took viewers on a new and totally unexpected adventure.

Check out the trailer to The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water here:


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