For all of you who stuck around after all the emotional up and downs Nickelodeon has put upon their Korra fans, know that the conclusion of Book 3 left you with a tremendous amount of feels. The premiere of Book 4 left you with that same uncomfortable “OH GOD” feeling, combined with awe over the fighting animations and overall development in the characters. This particular episode takes place three years after the fateful events brought to you by the Red Lotus and we are confronted with the bittersweet aftermath of the season finale of ‘Change’ that leaves us so…Aang-sty.


Without going too much into detail, this episode was everything you would expect from the creators and left you definitely craviiiiiing the next one, like when you say you are only going to eat just one taco but its a lie and now you have to wait in line again. As with their openers, the beginning was extremely optimistic with bits of nefarious political aspirations sprinkled throughout.

no reason for this, just here to make you cry a little

Main plot lines of this episode deal with the fact that the Earth Kingdom, which at the end of the third book, was in complete shambles and overrun with bandits. We are introduced to the heir of the disassembled throne while characters that we barely got peeks into are now playing much more prominent roles namely Kuvira aka the one the camera lingered on for a little too long.


The focus on the relationships between Jinora and Kai as well as the adorable Bolin and Opal was excellent and rather honest. Asami is still as sassy as usual while Mako’s hair makes him look like a bigger Iroh. The kids are adorable and when you first see them, it is like a flashback to when we first meet the first Airbender family. Meelo’s ability to produce bodily fluids continues to astound me. The new Airbending nation has the snazziest outfits (honestly, how these animators incorporate bending into ordinary objects is friggin’ amazing) and while we only see a few members, you can see just how much they have developed in both strength and ability. The one character we all want to know about is Korra and all you will get is that the first rule of fight club is that we do not talk about fight club..WOOO..VAGUE.

The one spoiler I am going to ruin for everyone is that the Sokka hair cut is an official thing, people have it.

Sokka-_excitedRemember, this book will be all about ‘Balance,’ and that means we are literally waiting for that scale to tip!

So all in all, I would give this episode a 9/10 for the top-notch animation work, that heart-wrenching cliffhanger of an ending, and a brilliant transition into a new Korra age.

My biggest disappointment? Not enough time with Pabu.

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