E3-LogoThis list contains all the biggest games appearing at E3 2014 in some form (not necessarily in “playable” form)…which includes if some random person whispers its name in conversation. 

This years E3 is going to be one of the most exciting years because its focus is not just new technology, it’s GAMES. And what we’re going to see from those games. Last year was a big one, demonstrating new hardware and letting the public know how awesome it will EVENTUALLY become.

Well the hardware’s out…its been out. Most of us have upgraded to next-gen and those of us that haven’t…are just waiting for a reason to. This years E3 is set to either remind you why you went a threw down all that money OR make you want to as soon as possible.

This list of games is in no particular order of my personal level of excitement. It’s alphabetical. And yes, there will be a list of runners up at the end. Here’s a glimpse of what you should start getting excited for starting….now:


Batman: Arkham Knight




Batman is going back to Gotham in a new Rocksteady adventure, facing off against a few well known adversaries, as well as a new foe, the Arkham Knight. The new game takes place after the events of Batman: Arkham City.

What’s new?…well for one: the Batmobile, which will be integrated into gameplay as a hands-on means of travel across Gotham. Yes, the streets may still be deserted by the general public but even so,  you still have reason enough to plow through them in Batman’s most trusted sidekick…his ride. 

Harley, Two Face, Penguin, and this new protagonist to whom we know little about will all be there. All of it culminates in the final game of the series. The original voices return and more gadgets get added to your arsenal. This is the last chance for the series to, not just give us more of the same, but to somehow make us feel like more of a badass. I’m definitely looking forward to some new gameplay mechanics and more reasons to spend countless hours bashing in the skulls of anyone that crosses Batman. It’s most likely going to make an appearance this year at E3 AND in your own hands as it has a 2014 release date.





If you haven’t heard the name Destiny in any conversation including the new consoles…you must be living under a rock. Word is that it has a whopping 500 MILLION dollars behind it’s development and is set to be one of the highest grossing games of all time.

Destiny is a first-person shooter developed by Bungie, the creators of the Halo series. The game is on track to be released on September 9, 2014. Destiny is a shared-world shooter, the first of its kind. It’s an action-adventure game where you are both the main character and the creator of the story. A Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing First Person Shooter. This game is ambitious and for the first time this console generation –  you’ll want to sit down with every single one of your friends and shoot your way through hours of gameplay. 

With different abilities, world events, personalized loot drops, and an immersive storyline combined with addictive gameplay….there’s a reason this game is making waves. I’ve heard voices of fans tell me how disinterested they are for the release of the game. Well, my friends, your ignorance is folly. If you just don’t like first person shooters, that’s one thing. This game, however, is at the forefront of the new tech that all this new hardware can provide. I’m not just on the bandwagon for this game, I’m lighting off fireworks from the trunk.




The Turtle Rock-developed game will be a sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC in autumn. It made its debut at Pax East, I saw the statue, I even stared intently at the four hour + line to play it – even though I didn’t get to.

First of all people don’t wait in line to play 10 minutes of gameplay for FOUR HOURS…if the gameplay isn’t out of this world. Four hunters…one monster and it’s only available for next-gen systems. Evolve is promising to offer a new kind of multiplayer experience. At heart it’s a sci-fi multiplayer-focused shooter that will pit a four-player crew of alien hunters against a separate player controlled monster that increases in strength over a series of matches. 

8 Hunters to choose from (so far) and multiple monsters to choose from as well. Each hunter features unique items and abilities, though the monster is far from defenceless, boasting colossal size and devastating attacks. This game gets me excited because it’s attempting to re-define the multiplayer experience. A lot of games try to and talk of big game, Evolve isn’t even out yet and everyone that’s played it…already KNOWS that it will deliver. 


Halo 5: Guardians


I know, I know. Another Halo game. Why should I get excited? Let me just scroll past this one.


Halo….is in some trouble. Weren’t expecting that, huh? Titanfall, Destiny, Evolve, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Battlefield: Hardline….for the first time in a while Halo has some competition. Why do you think they pushed the release back to 2015?

The entire code for the game is being brought to a brand new engine for the new console. So essentially THROW OUT everything you know about Halo. The look…the feel….everything is going to change. 343 Industries has proved it can take point on this franchise. It has catered to people that wanted more Halo with Halo 4, its gone into hibernation and I feel like it’s going to emerge a beautiful butterfly….or at least one that doesn’t rely on old gameplay mechanics.

It needs an overhaul. It’s getting one. Be excited. New-Is-Always-Better.


Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor




Why am I excited about this one? For one…it’s not Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is an upcoming action role-playing video game set in The Lord of the Rings universe, being developed by Monolith Productions The game will bridge the gap between the events of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings saga and is due for release on Microsoft WindowsPlayStation 3,PlayStation 4Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, the player plays as a ranger with Wraith-like abilities by the name of Talion. The game is an open world video game and players will have the freedom to pursue side quests and roam around the world. 

It got in trouble for looking a bit too much like Assassins Creed and honestly…I’m ok with that. I like Assassins Creed…I’m just utterly bored with that franchise.  Shadow of Mordor not only has completely new gameplay elements but a new Nemesis class system that has a huge effect on how the game plays out based on your actions as a player.  Get killed during a boss fight? Guess what…that boss now has a reputation for beating you to the ground and has gone up in the ranks. He’s harder now and is going to continue to test your strength as a player.

All of this is exciting because it makes the replay value of the game extremely high. No enemy is going to react the same way twice. Every encounter will be different. With my sword buried into the back of an Orc’s head…I’ll be laughing with glee every time I play through this game as soon as it comes out. It promises a lot….lets just hope that it can fulfill on all of them and not pull another Fable.


The Order: 1886



This game. Wow.

Had to catch my breath for a second. Thats how worked up this game gets me.

The Order: 1886 is an upcoming Playstation exclusive developed by Ready At Dawn Studios and SCE Santa Monica Studios (you know…some of the guys behind God of War).

The Order: 1886 is a third-person action-adventure game that follows an alternate history surrounding a group known as the “Order” and their pursuit to stop monster-like creatures and ancient foes that threaten mans existence. 

After seeing all the trailers, some have dubbed the game “The New Uncharted” because it’s most likely going to see the light of day before Uncharted 4 and it looks just like a next-gen Uncharted might look. And THAT IS SAYING SOMETHING. This game is gorgeous and the gameplay looks enthralling. I want to jump through rooftops wielding a deadly weapon aimed at unspeakable evil.

This game is going to be a strap-yourself-in roller coaster experience of a game and being that it is an exclusive title, attention to detail is going to be off the charts. I’m not even going to say anything else about it, go look at the gameplay for yourself. Go. Run.


Star Wars: Battlefront


Yup, Star Wars.

Star Wars Battlefront, developed by DICE on Frostbite 3, looks to surprise and delightyet again with a new experience inside this beloved universe made with  craftsmanship and commitment to excellence.

Star Wars has been going through changes. But I’m glad to see it back in action. Lucas Arts is dead (R.I.P. Star Wars 1313) but give me a chance to experience Hoth in 1080p HD graphics….and you had me at Star Wars. Let me pilot, shoot, and run around in any setting that this game has to offer.  I’m ready. The world is ready. Don’t mess this up. (We’re looking at you J.J. Abrams)


Tom Clancy’s The Division



Hold on, I’m breathing heavy again. Feeling faint.

Before I continue, I know The Division just got pushed back to 2015, I’m ok with it.

Developed by Massive Entertainment, The Division is a new game in the Tom Clancy franchise. Using the Snowdrop engine, it is a open world, multiplayer RPG game set in a world devastated by a deadly pathogen. Players will fight enemy factions, loot abandoned buildings and level up their player as they explore a ravaged New York City.

When I saw the gameplay reveal of this game last year my jaw fell through the basement. I was in complete awe of every single bullet reacting with the car window’s glass that the character was in cover behind. Pulling up your mini-map in-game and having your character walk through a hologram of the city.

It looks too good to be true. If it’s not, God help all our social lives. This is going to get you to make new friends and play with old ones – developing combat strategies and making your way through a devastated city. Shut up and take my money. 


Uncharted 4


Need I say more? Well I will anyway.

Uncharted 4, or Uncharted for PlayStation 4, are speculative titles for the next Uncharted game. Only referred to officially as Uncharted; Naughty Dog teased the new Uncharted game for PlayStation 4 on November 18, 2013.

Few details have been revealed about Uncharted 4, but a short teaser trailer shows a map and a voiceover that says:

“Some chains can never be broken. I lost 15 years. Buried alive. Erased. You left me rotting in that hell hole and never looked back. But you can’t outrun the past, and when it catches up, when all your lies collapse around you, I’ll be there sifting through the wreckage. You owe me.”

I’m hoping to see something at this years E3. A peak at new graphics. A hint at a plot. Some new characters? A new threat. Give me something….anything. I know we won’t get to play it but whether it’s 10 minutes of gameplay or a 2 minute trailer, I’m going to be at the edge of my seat the entire time.



The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt




The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the final episode of the award-winning RPG series and a triumphant finish to the legend of Geralt of Rivia. While the Witcher 3 is the pinnacle to the Witcher series, it intends on being a standalone story that players new and old will love, as they have another chance to live the dangerous life of a witcher.

The Witcher 3 will have a free roaming, open world to explore. The story will have many non-linear quests to keep players satisfied for over 100 hours.

I personally have not even played the other games in the series. Now you’re like…Ok, why are you even excited for this game then?

I say to you this: have you even seen anything on this game?

I have. I’ve seen a lot about it. And I plan to purchase the other games just to play it. Hype is at an all-time high for this game. It’s on literally everyone’s MUST WATCH/HAVE/PLAY lists. It’s gorgeous, it looks to kick Skyrim in the face, and it’s well known to be an amazing series. I want to get my hands on this game. Everyones talking about it, and you need to give it a once over before you dismiss this epic game.

and that’s all folks.


As for other games at E3 that you should keep an eye on that didn’t make my cut:

Assassins Creed: Unity

Alien isolation

Battlefield Hardline

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The Evil Within 

Gears of War 4 

Kingdom Hearts 3

Legend of Zelda WiiU

Mass Effect 4

Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

Quantum Break

Super Smash Bros

Any games you don’t see on the list that you think should be on there? Let us know!

For more information on these games and more, check back with us during the week of the 2014 Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 8th.

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