The summer of 1997, somehow already 20 years. A much simpler time. A time shortly before the impending release of Titanic, a film which would change cinema and forever leave us wondering what would happen if Rose would’ve let Jack just float on that door with her.

#10. Hercules

Such a great soundtrack and also my personal favorite Disney villain.

released June 13, grossed $100 million

#9. Con Air

Honestly so underrated and that scene when LeAnn Rimes starts playing, ALL THE EMOTIONS!

released June 2, grossed $101.1 million

#8. Contact

Aliens and Jodie Foster, what else could you want?

released July 11, grossed $102 million

#7. George of the Jungle

Where is Brendan Fraser? Is he okay? I miss him.

released July 16, grossed $103 million

#6. Batman & Robin

That was a movie that happened.

released June 20, grossed $107.3 million

#5. Face/Off

All I can think about is that gif.

released June 19, grossed $113 million

$4. My Best Friend’s Wedding

So darn good and I need to go and buy a copy ASAP. How do I not already own it?

released June 20, grossed $125 million

#3. Air Force One

Heck yeah, Harrison Ford! *kicks a door down*

released July 25, grossed $174 million

#2. Lost World

I mean, dinosaurs are super cool so???

released May 19, grossed $230 million

#1. Men in Black

A film that never gets old and somehow didn’t give my younger self nightmares.

released July 2, grossed $250 million


  • Fifth Element
  • G.I. Jane
  • Air Bud
  • Good Burger
  • Copland
  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  • Event Horizon
  • Leave it to Beaver
  • Conspiracy Theory




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