Auto World by Round 2 presents this “heavy” Back to the Future slot car race set; Plutonium not included…

Back to the Future has truly become one of those iconic pieces of American cinema. The film catapulted Michael J Fox to superstardom, delivered two sequels (one good, one meh) and spun off a Saturday morning cartoon. Not to mention it also has had a tremendous and lasting effect on main stream pop culture, which can be felt to this very day. In our current culture of reboots and remakes it is extremely refreshing to know that director, Robert Zemeckis will do everything in his power to keep Hollywood from trying to remake this timeless classic.

If you were a kid at some point in the last 60 something years you probably had a slot car set, or at the very least you had a friend with one. For me, slot car race tracks were a Christmas staple and it is a pretty good bet this one will be on my list to Santa this year. Getting the DeLorean up to 88 in a race against Biff’s manure spill prone, 46 Ford, is sure to delight any kid or kid at heart.

This set features the following:

  • 1x 15″ Terminal track
  • 8x 9″ Radius Curve track (1/4 circle)
  • 4x 9″Radius curve track (1/8 circle)
  • 2x 3″ Straight track
  • 4x 9″ Straight track
  • 1x Loop base
  • 4x Curved loop track
  • 6x Curved loop fastener
  • 2x Speed controller
  • 13x Guard rails
  • 32x Sign poles
  • 1x Sign sticker sheet
  • 14x Track support
  • 136x Track support pillar
  • 1x Loop graphics
  • 1x Clock tower
  • 2x X-Traction Racer
  • 1x Power pack
  • 1x Track cleaning pad
  • 1x Instructions for assembly

The entire set is priced at $139.99 and can be purchased online from the fine folks over at Entertainment Earth.



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