Big Chief Studios have proved themselves to be one of the finest makers of big ticket, Doctor Who licensed merchandise. As you can see they continue their fine work with this very awesome “Dynamix” statue of the 10th Doctor!

David Tennant’s 10th Doctor remains my favorite incarnation of the Time Lord from both the old and new series. He first captivated audiences across the world in 2005’s Christmas Special, The Christmas Invasion. Tennant’s take on the Doctor was enthusiastic and youthful, bordering on childlike. After the original series went on an indefinite hiatus in 1989 (The 1996 T.V. movie not withstanding), Christopher Eccelston’s gritty and haunted 9th Doctor was the Doctor we needed to make the show relevant again. It was David Tennant’s Doctor though, who truly made the character and the series it’s own entity, making Doctor Who more popular than ever around the entire world! He was part of so many now classic episodes; The Girl in the Fireplace, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, Blink, Human Nature/ The Family of Blood, Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, and The End of Time to name a few. When A Doctor regenerates there is always a sense of sadness, but few regenerations have been so utterly gut-wrenching.

This 10th Doctor Dynamix Statue from Big Chief Studios certainly lives up to its name. Aesthetically it is definitely hyper-stylized, taking inspiration from IDW’s Doctor Who comic books. If we are quoting Wilfred Mott, The 10th Doctor statue has a “Modern style sort of hair. All sticky-uppy.” He is draped in his iconic brown trench coat and sporting a brown slim fit suit with blue pinstripes and red tie and of course cream colored Converse Allstar sneakers. He is striking a confident, almost arrogant (though always charming) pose. He looks prepared to open his Tardis with a snap of the finger and head for whatever adventures time and space have to offer. Made of a durable vinyl, this statue is a limited edition of 3000 pieces. He comes with two interchangeable heads, a display base with the Doctor Who logo, and he is packed nicely in a Tardis-themed display box. Each statue stands approximately 9 inches tall and can be purchased for $79.99, with free shipping, from our fellow Whovians over at Entertainment Earth. Allons-y over to the link here to buy!

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