“Headlander” is the newest title from San Francisco based game company Double Fine Productions, and they’ve just released a new trailer for their upcoming release. Honoring the classic 70’s Science Fiction style, Double Fine has partnered with Adult Swim for this upcoming game.  Check out the trailer:

In “Headlander”, you play a literal head that moves around in it’s space helmet, inhabiting bodies as needed. You awake to a world gone mad, where humans have forsaken their flesh bodies for robot impostors but the world is not all it’s cracked up to be. Set in a 70’s scifi environment this space adventure looks both new and retro, and will be available for PS4 and STEAM.


You guys, I have played this game during it’s development and I am going to tell you right now that it is so good. The environments are beautiful, gameplay is entertaining and easy to understand and the sound? Oh man, it sounds so good. Do you remember all those ridiculous/awesome science fiction shows from the 70’s that you grew up watching or hearing about? They used much of the same equipment to replicate that same sound!

The game is beautiful, I would buy it for the art alone. Do you like space lasers and people sucking heads off bodies (seriously, it’s in the game) in order to further your story line? Then you should probably get this game. There are a lot of subtle pop culture references that players will enjoy, and probably make you chuckle.

Double Fine Productions is a small gaming studio based in San Francisco, and you probably know at least some of their titles – “Psychonauts”, “Brutal Legend”, “Massive Chalice” and “Broken Age”.  They recently announced a sequel to their much beloved Psychonauts, no release date has been set for that project as of yet. If their previous work is any indicator, this game will definitely be engaging to play and a fully thought out world for you to inhabit, as a head.

The game will be available for purchase in late July of 2016 for PS4 and STEAM platforms. More information about the game can be found here.


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