It had been confirmed earlier this year that Disney was moving forward with a 3rd in the video game based series, with production starting in Vancouver back in April.  The 3rd film was going to have Olivia Wilde and  Garrett Hedlund returning as Quorra and Sam Flynn, with Joseph Kosinski returning to direct.

Earlier last week, unconfirmable reports started to surface that Disney had unceremoniously pulled the plug, and taken the project off the grid.  We say unconfirmable because Disney has STILL not officially commented on the state of the project, and all the ‘big’ sites are running their summation with an unnamed source.  This of course could mean anything; a disgruntled former wardrobe person wanted to be quoted and couldn’t legally do so, a location scout who left the film, and any number of reasons.

Is it possible the project really is canceled?  Of course, but until there is word from either Kosinski or Disney, don’t count Tron 3 as being down for the count.

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