After what one could argue was a pretty solid first season, the jury was out as to whether or not freshman DC Comics tv series Supergirl would be picked up for a second season on CBS.

Melissa Benoist admirably took on the red cape and boots of Kal-El’s lost cousin Kara, and despite less than subtle girl power theme, the series did well with critics and fans alike.  CBS had been largely silent on their renewal of the series, however, and that caused some concern.  Would the first female fronted DC superhero series since Birds of Prey make it to the second season?

It was announced today that The CW, home to such heroes as Smallville, The Flash, and Arrow has swooped in to take control of Supergirl.  They’ve also given the order for the second season.  Variety goes on to say the hotly anticipated crossover with “The Flash” on March 28 was a ratings hit for the CW, prompting the rumors to begin.

It was announced yesterday that ANOTHER DC Comics centric series would be getting the greenlight over on NBC, Powerless a workplace comedy about the clean up crews who get called in to deal with the aftermath of the various heroes/villains.  Alan Tudyk (FIrefly, Con Man) is set to star.  This comes after the failed (BUT AWESOME) NBC series Constantine based on a DC Comics title, and after the pilot order from NBC-partnered SyFy for Krypton, a prequel series about Superman’s grandfather.

No word on when we may see season 2 of Supergirl or who will be returning, but we’ll keep you updated as things progress.

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