Maze Studio spent the past Free Comic Book day doing a photo shoot with Lainey Cat Cosplay and Dynamite Webber cosplay in Baltimore, MD.
Dynamite Webber and Lainey Cat Cosplay are both East Coast cosplayers.
Q: When did you first start cosplaying/ what was your first cosplay
A (Lainey Cat):I have been cosplaying for over six years. My first costume was Marceline from Adventure Time. I bought an outfit from the store and made my axe base out of foam and cardboard. Since then my work has definitely come a long way.
A (Dynamite Webber): I first started in 2003. I dressed as neo from the matrix
Q: Dynamite Webber, what drew you to the character of Spider-man?
A (DW): And I’ve always loved Spider-Man since I was a kid. His humor really appealed to me and that he was just a kid trying to do the right thing.
Q: Dynamite Webber, Do you have any memorable or favorite moments as a result of the wearing the spiderman costume
A(DW): When I’m wearing Spider-Man I love aunt little kids react. They love spider man so much.
Q: Lainey Cat, Did you make the costume? If so how did you make it and how long was the process?
 A (LC): First and foremost, I’m a big spider-man fan and I love Venom. I wanted to make a more feminine take of this character and create a headpiece that showed my actual face. So I created this design as a fun way to pay homage to such a beasty villain. The Venom bodysuit took about two weeks to craft. The body suit is all puff painted by me which took A LOT of time. For the hands,  I cut the claws out of plastic and sanded them to shape then stuck them on a pair of gloves. The headpiece is an old Halloween mask that had serious modifications done to it in terms of painting, shaping and adding new teeth.
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