One of our favorite tv series of the last several years is the vastly entertaining HISTORY series VIkings.  The first scripted drama for the network is the brainchild of Michael Hirst (Tudors) and features some fantastic performances by stars Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Alexander Ludwig, Clive Standen, and Gustaf Skarsgard.

When we left our Northmen (and women) at the end of season 3, Rollo (Standen) had just been presented to the French court, and looked like he’d be marrying the Gaulish Princess.  Things didn’t look too hot for Ragnar (Fimmel) after many near scrapes with death, Bjorn had to deal with fatherhood, Lagertha blessed the fields, and Floki got called out for the death of a friend.

Here is a brand new trailer for season 4:

There are also a few spectacularly done promos, check them out:



We’re also EXTREMELY happy to report Vikings is getting an unheard of 20-episode Season 4, which will be split into two parts. This is one of the extremely rare series-for-cable to be given this many episodes, and it really couldn’t be bestowed on a better show. The first 10 episodes will premiere on February 18th on History, and the second 10 episodes will air later in 2016.

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