DC Comics’ Harley Quinn is one of our favorite characters of all time here on Aggressive Comix. First created by Bruce Timm for Batman the Animated Series was originally supposed to be a throw away character, someone who the joker was just dating in just one episode. After the audiences saw her she was an instant hit and fell into all our hearts. She over the years has had many iterations and transformations.

But now, with the help of the talented Lisa Lou Who, Harley Quinn will dance her way into our hearts in this ballerina style cosplay.  Lisa Lou Who has an OUTSTANDING profile behind her.  Some of her cosplays include Handsome Jack, Mad Moxxi, Sylvanas, and her latest being that of a punk rock style Poison Ivy .  And if you are not going to follow her so you can keep up with what creations she is developing then you are truly missing out! So be sure to check out Lisa Lou Who both here and on her Facebook page.

The vision behind this beautiful gallery is photographer Wage War Productions.  Wage War Productions is our latest photographer who we JUST recently met at Colossal Con.  After we became instant friends while sharing a plate of fries we knew we need to get him on our list of frequently used photographers.  And by the set that he has provided below I think you would agree that we are right on that one!  Wage War Productions has worked with some incredible cosplayers and we are excited to see what future shoots he has in store for us. So if you are a coplayer be sure to check out Wage War Productions and potentially book a shoot with him. You never know it might end up featured on our site as a result! This is also a partial set! For the full set be sure to go to Wage War’s Facebook page!

Harley Quinn Photo by Wage War Productions

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