Since I’m totally sure everyone saw the leaked trailer that went out the other day, here’s the awesome gameplay footage for Watch Dgos that came out of the Sony press conference.


I’ve always fancied the idea of being a big time hacker vigilante (no joke, don’t look at me like that), and any game that combines that with a solid shooting mechanic and plenty of stealth gameplay complemented by the freedom to assault any situation in a bajillion ways and you’ve got me sold. Don’t discount the odd the parallel between the constantly monitored society Aidan Pierce lives in and all this NSA business, either, the story looks like it’s got plenty of potential to strike some righteous chords.

Also, did you see when he found a mobile player and she hacked the city to help him? Two words: Bad. Ass. This one’s coming to current and next gen systems, though it seems like PS4 is getting a few extra goodies on this one.

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