Looks like Christopher Nolan is in talks to possibly produce the Justice League film that recently hit a few snags. One of them being, they fucking tossed out the working script like it was last nights TV dinner gone bad.

Still, Nerd Reactor brings up a cool point: if they’re able to get Nolan on board to produce JL then that opens the door to Christian Bale reprising his role as Batman. Bale has stated that if Nolan came to him with a strong screenplay he’d be up to putting on the cowl once more.

We know that Henry Cavill who’s playing Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel is more than likely to bring that role to the Justice League film, one of the big questions has been “whaddabout Batman”? Rumors of Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing Robin (bleh!) John Blake as the new Batman has been thrown around but if Nolan can bring Bale… then everyone who complained about Bruce Wayne retiring as Batman for a pair of boobs can eat cake.

Eat the cake… EAT IT!

Personally, I can see the business end of this making a shit ton of sense but it would derail the idea of rebooting Batman after the Nolanverse version came to it’s conclusion. We’d definitely have grounded Superman in the Nolanverse and all the other members of the League for that matter. And what I really want to see is a live-action Bruce Timm’s Batman TAS reboot of Batman. It’s a little dream of mine.

However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Bale pick up the cowl for one more film… especially if that film is JL. And if they get Nolan on board to produce it, Warner Bros. should just give him the keys to all the DC characters. The man seems to know what he’s doing when it comes to those characters on the whole.

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