Which do you think hurts more?

The pain of birthing a watermelon-sized infant from a rather tiny hole OR getting your genitals mashed any number of ways, leaving you down for the count….

AsapScience puts it into perspective for each respective gender by first dispelling any myth regarding a human being’s ability to measure the amount of pain every person feels using the del unit….which does not exist..because everyone is different.

THIS. IS. NOT. TRUE. It doesn’t even make any sense, MOTHERS ARE MAGICAL. DUH.

Then our crafty presenter explains what pain is and why we react to pain. In this helpful video, we get to learn all about nociceptors or the receptors that monitor and detects signals from damaged tissue throughout the body.

What we can all conclude is that we CANNOT measure whether child birth is more painful than being kicked in the balls and vice versa.

OH SCIENCE, you are such a tease.

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