We have been teased with hoverboards for quite a few years now.  Considering we’re fast approaching the day Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future 2, let’s take a look at why this piece of tech, of all the tech in the film, still doesn’t exist.

First, we got excited by Tony Hawk and that stunt Funny or Die pulled, though it wasn’t long before the internet called shenanigans. You can forgive us all if we were skeptical when Hendo revealed their hoverboard kickstarter.


It turned out to be true! Sort of. Hendo’s hoverboard isn’t taking anyone flying across a lake, grass, or even a sidewalk. In fact, it is barely controllable on the ferrous metal surface required for it to hover. Fooled again!

Then Lexus teased us with their own hoverboard.  This is it, maybe we’re finally getting it.  There’s no way it will be exactly the same thing as the Hendo.  Disappointingly, it was.  Only minor differences set the two apart, and Lexus built tracks in their skate park to allow a rider to experience controlled motion, which is kind of a step in the right direction.  I’m positive it’s probably a cool experience, still, it’s just a board on a track, not the freedom we saw in the movie.  


So what gives? Where is the rad pink hover board that takes us far away from guys like Biff Tannen?! BJ takes a look at the science behind hover boards and why we haven’t seen exactly what we’re looking for… yet. Check out the video then tell us what you would do with a hover board.  I’d put my luggage on it.


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