Being able to bring people back to the dead may actually be done. No..not reanimated corpses but rather reviving a formerly considered dead body after doctors finish repairing any injuries. Peter Rhee at the University of Arizona, Tucson, along with Samuel Tisherman of the University of Maryland, College Park, have shown how it is definitely possible to keep the human body in a state of ‘suspended animation.’ The human body is first drained of its life blood while being filled seawater cooled to a chilly -20 C. At this point, you are considered legally dead. According to Rhee, “When you are at 10C, with no brain activity, no heartbeat, no blood – everyone would agree that you’re dead, but we can still bring you back.” And while Tisherman is reluctant to use the term due to its very science fiction-y background, he is not ruling out the possibility of long-term suspension!


think of the POTENTIAL..aliens.

After switching out your O positive for some briny water, doctors are then free to perform the necessary procedures on your body to fix anything that would further harm you. Once everything is repaired and closed up, the body is then brought back to 30C where the heart, for some odd reason, starts to beat on its own again. The potential of this could be HUGE especially as doctors hope to set up for human trials such as on gun shot victims who are so badly wounded, they have no other chance but to die and be reborn again.

except instead of carbonite, we use salt water. GENIUS.

From the looks of it, the experimental surgeries done on animals demonstrate how for the first few hours, the animal is groggy but regains normal functions within the next day.

Some of you may be screaming “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE BRAIN?!!?!”

In response to you, think about many drowning accidents where the victim survived for hours underwater due to the cold. The temperature is able to slow down the cells from deteriorate and add in the oxygen that is constantly being pumped throughout, our brains should actually come out of this deep “slumber” with nary a worry.

Why is it so important though aside from the whole death rebirth thing?

In many of the injuries seen in hospitals need to be hurriedly mended and while doctors and staff work overtime, the wound is too great and patient dies. If these trials are successfully conducted on human beings, there will no longer be a need to rush through a surgery due to blood loss or the body’s inability to take the shock. The doctors would be able to isolate the problem areas and not have to worry about fighting with time.


this seems right.

(Source: BBC)

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