How is it even possible that Warner Brothers’ announced OFFICIAL DC Comics-centric film slate hasn’t been completely green lit yet?  Specifically, the Gal-Gadot starring solo Wonder Woman film.  I’m glaring as I write this.

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According to sources, namely ^this interview over on Vulture with officially named director of the Wonder Woman film Michelle McLaren, there is no set release date or script for the film, it hasn’t even been officially green-lit yet.  You can read the entire piece here, and draw your own conclusions.

This is the most disheartening piece of news about the Amazonian’s solo film. I mean really, why is it so difficult for Hollywood to give us a female centric superhero movie, especially NOW when it looks like the hottest money generating genre is in fact the caped spandex clad superhuman comics based one?

Maybe this is good news (as I am not terribly excited about DC beating Marvel to the female hero solo film punch)  and possibly could mean the 2017 release date may get pushed back as the lack of script and official green light from the studio would hinder 90% of the process.  We’ll let you know as further information becomes known and confirmed.

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