Needless to say, we absolutely loved Mad Max: Fury Road.  We already want more of the Australian epic, and thankfully DC Entertainment’s Vertigo Comics is here to help.

Today, Wednesday May 20th, you should head to your local comicbook shop and pick up Nux & Immortan Joe.  Best part?  George Miller did the art HIMSELF.  Issue #1 of the Mad Max comics will deal with some backstory of the primary baddie of Fury Road, and everyone’s favorite warboy.

Here are a few pages worth of previews of the issue as drawn by Miller:

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If you’re asking “what about Furiosa”, don’t worry, we’ll get an Imperator focused issue, dealing with how she met the Immortan’s brides. That hits shelves around June 17th, and contains two chapters focusing on Max (Tom Hardy). We’ll also get other issues, a hazardous trip to Gastown AND Thunderdome mentions coming out July 8th and August 5th.

A special hardcover edition collecting all the stories is in stores Aug. 26th, 2015, so you may want to just wait til then, but why?

Mad Max: Fury Road is still in theaters now, see it in 3D with a REALLY good sound system, then go home and read comics.

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