Part of me thought I’d never live to see the day, but I guess it’s really happening.  For scores of girls of the 90’s generation, Xena: Warrior Princess was the closest to a real life Wonder Woman we’d had since the ’70s.

Lucy Lawless was the epitome of a badass chick dominating the ‘boys club’ of TV fantasy.  Think about it, at the time we had HerculesHighlander, etc.  Xena was something special, and her fans are still as rabid today as they were then.

This report comes to us from Deadline, and comes hot on the heels of a recent interview with Lawless stating she would jump on the chance to pick up the chakram and let out that Warrior Princess warbling yell.  NBC and NBC Universal International are prepping a reboot of the beloved action-adventure drama. Don’t get TOO excited yet, as the new Xena is in extremely early development stages and a search for a writer is currently underway. Original executive producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi are also involved in the project, which is considered as a “modern reboot.

“I’ve been pitching that show … because … there’s a swell of interest still,” Lucy said during the press junket for STARZ’s Ash Vs. The Evil Dead. “I’m always being peppered with questions [about] when the Xena movie is coming. Guys, I’m pitching my ass off to make it happen, whether it’s with me or not. I think it’d be funny to have a reboot like Ash vs. Evil Dead, like middle-aged Xena in a muumuu with a bad attitude and a smoking habit. … Bring  Ted Raimi in…and maybe Bruce Campbell.”

“I don’t know what the hold-up is; it’s about who has got the rights,” Lawless continued. “But that’s a piss-poor excuse anymore. Find who has got the rights, freakin’ pay it. It’s better to have 80 percent of something than 100 percent of nothing. Don’t waste this opportunity; reinvigorate that franchise!” she said, stressing the show’s international appeal. It’s an insane international character. They’re fools not to bring it back. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s action.”

The drama is eyed for 2016, and we’ll let you guys know how things progress.

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