Rocksteady Studios isn’t done with the Arkham universe, it seems, hinting recently at more Batman content even after saying Arkham Knight would be the end of the series for the developer.

Fans of the series may be able to look forward to a new chapter… actually: console fans of the series may be able to look forward to a new chapter in the Arkham games, whether it be some kind of DLC or a new full game, we don’t know, but Rocksteady hinted at something new during a preview for the latest expansion pack. When asked if they were done with Batman entirely, they flashed a picture of Scarecrow on the screen while Sefton Hill kind of trailed off.  This could be a reference to the new multiplayer game they have in the works or another new DLC or who knows, even an all new game.

It seems Rocksteady is intent on milking everything they can out of the franchise, and why shouldn’t they? They have been hitting home runs since they started with the property, and Knight is no different. Aside from the crippling issues they had with the PC version, the game itself is a juggernaut of caped crusader action. Being a member of the PC master race, I am a bit disappointed that I can only play it on console, but I would hope that after that huge debacle they have learned their lesson, because being Batman is awesome.

But what is it going to be? Are they moving into new territory, perhaps something without the Arkham moniker? A multiplayer title? Or just some more DLC? Sound off on Facebook and let us know what you think.


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