Arrow has just announced that they have cast British actor Vinnie Jones as the villain  Danny ‘Brick’ Brickwell for season 3 in episodes 10, 11, and 12. Jones has been in films such as X-Men: The Last Stand as the Juggernaut, and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, demonstrate just how perfect he is to play the role of an almost impossible to kill villain in the Arrow universe.

He is so HARD!

Known in the comic book verse as the man whose skin was LITERALLY composed of brick, the television series has been teasing the possibility of bringing this character into the new Arrow universe ever since we peeked his name off of Oliver Queen’s list of men who have “failed the city” from the first season.

note that there are also teasers for maybe a Superman crossover?! HANNIBAL BATES?!?! LEX LUTHOR?!?!

For those unaware of who Brick is, he was one of Star City’s underworld crime bosses in the comics and he will continue to reprise that role in the series as a ruthless gang leader who will (for a three-episode arc) “bring Starling City to its knees.” However, unlike his character in the comics, this Brick is known for being “shot dozens of times but never put down,” rather than his reddish-stone skin that gave him strength and invincibility. DC hopes that by doing this, they will move farther away from more fantastical explanations and towards realistic, science-based answers as to why there are incidences of metahumans such as Barry Allen and the Atom (soon!).

I wonder the story arc will include Brick’s ascension into power, because it will definitely provide an explosive storyline that could work well with other DC villains such as the recently cast love-crazed Cupid as well as introduce some more metahumans for us to nom on. Either way, we are set up for a crazy good time this season on Arrow and Ollie is set up for some intense action.

This casting news along with several others, is actually no surprise due to the fact executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is the same Kreisberg who wrote for Green Arrow/Black Canary, which have included several of the recently (and not-so recently) cast villains and heroes of the television series including Brick and Cupid’s confrontation, the infamous Merlyn, and Wildcat. Kreisberg has also recently took over the current run of the New 52’s Green Arrow as of this month and is working on giving both the comic and television worlds a unique character feel.

Arrow has not failed to disappoint yet and is definitely a credit to DC doing something right. There is so much potential in the DC verse that has only really been tested in animated series, let’s hope they continue on this trajectory…I’m terrified to see what will happen in the cinema world.

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