It was announced tonight on this #TesseractTuesday during ABC’s show Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD that NEXT week’s episode will feature the very first trailer for the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron film.

This may of course mean it’ll get leaked before then, but for now we can only tell you that on Tuesday October 28th on ABC Network, we’ll get to see what vision Joss Whedon has for us and for the followup to the worldwide smash hit superhero film.  We’re all hoping, or dreading, the introduction of what could possibly be the lead in to the Civil War storyline most geekery sites are claiming to have “inside information” on.

Is this the direction Joss will be taking?  Will the changes in current Marvel comics affect the films?  We’re talking of course of things like the female Thor, the handing off of Captain America’s shield and members of the Inhumans being brought into the Avengers team.

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