As the world prepares for the biggest movie of the year, Living Dead Clothing is making sure that Avengers fans all over the world have the best outfit for the screening.

The collection, officially and exclusively licensed by Marvel, boasts the world’s greatest superheroes, unbelievable artwork and incredibly eye catching and vibrant prints on new patterns. This line is certain to send Avengers and all superhero fans crazy.

The Avengers movie, which grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide brought new life to these well-loved superheroes, capturing new fans across the world and there is no doubt Age of Ultron will do the same. With this overwhelming global interest and hype surrounding the upcoming film, Living Dead Clothing’s collection will certainly become a must have, stylish way of showing off your geeky side.

The collection uses instantly recognizable movie artwork as well as stunning graphic designs on a wide range of women’s and, new to the brand, men’s clothing.

The entire collection and all of Living Dead Clothing’s pieces are 100% Australian made using the highest quality Italian fabrics and cutting edge sublimation technology.

However while the brand enjoys bringing smiles to the faces of comic lovers young and old, there is more to the company than just making clothes. Living Dead Clothing intends to extend the smiles created long after the movie is over by donating 20% of all profits from the Age of Ultron collection to the Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The brands owner Wade Lange says there is an obvious link between superheroes in the movies and the little superheroes battling in the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and wants to make them feel just as special as his customers.

“We organised for Captain America and Ironman cosplayers to visit the hospital to put a smile on the faces of the brave kids in the Lady Cilento Hospital a few weeks ago and now we want to continue the work they do with a donation of profits from the collection. It’s just my way of bringing the superheroes good work to life.”

The Age of Ultron collection is the forth produced by Living Dead Clothing with their world exclusive Marvel license after highly successful Spider-Man, Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy collections. The Age of Ultron collection will go live on Living Dead Clothing’s website at 9am AEST on Tuesday 14th April – a week and a half before the movie’s release and is certain to sell out in minutes judging by the success of previous Marvel collections.

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